TTRE Basic Studies

This group of studies is included with you subscription to theTTRE Moderated Trading Room at no additional cost.

TTRE Exponential Moving Average

This study is the basic exponential moving average and is provided with our defaults for the sake of connivance. This study is featured throughout our methodology.

TTRE Congestion

This study identifies areas of congestion during the trading day. These represent both trading opportunities if you're a breakout trader or a warning if you're in a trade. This study is highly configurable to suit you individual needs

TTRE Heikin Ashi

This is a custom version the Heikin Ashi study available in most products.  We use a custom formula to calculate the bars that Differs from many other vendors. In addition we've included both Outside Bars andNarrowRangebars as an integral part of the study as they are a part of our  methodology.

TTRE Real Values


For those insist on seeing the real values of the bar, since the HA bars are considered a synthetic bars, the study supper imposes a series of user selected symbols to represent the High, Low, Open, Close as a visible clue to the real prices.