Live Trading Room


In the Live Trading Room, new trading techniques are being introduced to build and complement our Directional TradePlan in multiple time frames with Price Action Patterns and MarketStructure. Mastery of the basic knowledge foundation is a prerequisite. Currency and Index "Pit Session" open TradePlan methodologies have been very successful. For the more aggresive traders, specific Reversal Pattern trades are identified and alerted. With the increased indexes (ES) volatility, several TradePlans are being successfully traded in a lower timeframe with NYSE Market Internals. (complementing the 5 min TradableTimeFrame)
Live realtime Infinity/Sierra Charts are projected in the room during the market day from 7:30 to 4pm ET. Prime trading hours with audio market commentary, guidance and alerts are from 7:30 to 11:00 ET. Infinity charts are available at no cost* from Josh Harris at InfinityFutures.
The primary objectives of the TTRE Live Trading Room are:

First: to provide real time specific, relevant market and trading information via -
Visual Displays:MarketStrengthDisplay (MSD), MarketValues (MV), chart markups and
Audio: actionable alerts and identification of market structure, dynamics and patterns for traders learn to recognize potential opportunities and be able to make their own timely trading decisions.  
Second: to provide a professional focused environment free of all distractions and chatter for those that choose to trade their real accounts or actively train on a Simulated Account . For training developing traders, the trading room is conducive to build trading skills, create new habits of successful traders, become laser-like focused and disciplined using a Simulator to place orders at their own discretion following a set of training rules, or self-developed trading plans with TTRE Guidance. All audio commentary and member text posts are strictly market related and relevant to trading.

The TTRE Live Trading Room's primary goal is, and shall remain, to identify and capitalize on potential trading opportunities during live market conditions achieving consistent profitable results.