Trade The Right Edge Editorial Policy


By TradeTheRightEdge.COM | Aug 30, 2011

Our goal at TradeTheRightEdge.COM is to provide you with timely and helpful information regarding the stock, futures, and option markets. Our hope is that this information will enable you to better understand the markets and improve your trading skills.


We want to stress that all the information on the site is offered for educational purposes only. Although our content providers are professional traders, they are NOT offering buy or sell recommendations on any stock, future, or option they discuss in a commentary or update. For example, TradeTheRightEdge.COM will never issue a recommendations to "buy future ABC at 1.2570, with a stop at 1.2560." We will, at times discuss general price ranges, but only as they relate to certain technical or fundamental market factors we feel are meaningful.


The content providers are simply offering their opinions, in good faith. They may or may not have positions in any of the markets they mention. For example, do not assume they are themselves long or short a particular market, or recommend that you buy or sell a particular market, simply because they express a bullish or bearish bias on that market. When they hold positions in particular markets, they will attempt to avoid expressing any opinions that may unduly impact these markets in any way. They do, however, reserve the right to express a bullish or bearish opinion on a market in which they have a position if they believe their opinion to be valid and truthful.


We want to avoid conflicts of interest at all costs. Because our content providers may have positions in the markets they discuss, and to help guarantee we are providing you reliable information, we have established the following editorial guidelines.

The accuracy and completeness of the information on this site is not guaranteed and TradeTheRightEdge.COM, and all persons associated with TradeTheRightEdge.COM, accept no responsibility and shall not be held liable for the outcome of your trades or investments